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When people hear that you can change your metabolism so your body burns fat instead of carbs for fuel, they tend to be skeptical. But that’s exactly what the Keto diet claims to do. It’s a new trend for weight loss that’s been gaining more and more followers in recent years. You may have heard of it!

Keto diet

Check out these 10 things you probably didn’t know about the keto diet, though:

Surprising Facts about the Keto Diet

1. The Keto Diet Wasn’t Originally Developed for Weight Loss

In the 1920s, the Keto Diet was developed to treat epilepsy. Since then, it’s been used for medical treatments off and on, including for diabetes.

Keto diet 2

2. This Diet is Extra Low Carb Compared to Other Options

For the keto diet to work, your body has to be deprived of carbs so that it will burn fat for fuel. That means this diet restricts you to 50 grams of carbs a day, which is less than most other low-carb diets.

3. You Can Eat A Lot of Different Foods on the Keto Diet

Many diets restrict foods rich in fat. The keto diet allows you to eat fats, including dairy and meats.

4. Berries are Good for Keto But Most Fruit Isn’t

Keto diet 1Surprisingly, most fruits are too high in carbs to comply with this diet. Low sugar berries are acceptable, though.

5. You Consume a Large Amount of Fat on this Diet

Eating enough fat to make fat your body’s fuel source is the main idea behind this diet. But, it’s important to eat healthy fats, not just anything fatty.

6. Ketu Flu is One of the Diet’s Possible Side Effects

Although it’s not really the flu, the “keto flu” is a side effect of ketosis that makes some people feel sick for the first week of the diet.

7. Ketosis Literally Changes Your Metabolism

keto diet 3

The keto diet literally changes the way your metabolism works. This change is called ketosis.

8. Supplements are Often Needed with this Diet

To help your body through the metabolic changes of ketosis healthily, it’s smart to take supplements. A wide variety of supplements are recommended.

9. Your Ketosis Can Go Too Far

If you stay on the keto diet for too long, it can be harmful. It’s best to consult with a doctor when on this diet.

10. The Common Weight Loss Rate With This Diet Varies

People commonly lose anywhere from 2 to 8 pounds early on in the keto diet. The results vary significantly by the person, though.

Does the Keto Diet Work?

Keto diet 4With all these interesting facts in mind, you may still be wondering if the keto diet actually works for weight loss. Theories suggest that the keto diet:

  • Decreases food cravings
  • Decreases appetite-stimulating hormones
  • Increases calorie burning
  • Promotes fat loss

However, the diet is not proven to be highly effective for weight loss yet. It also can have negative side effects and may do harm if you stay in ketosis for too long.

As you consider whether or not to give this diet a try, remember that exercise is essential for healthy and sustainable weight loss (regardless of the diet you choose.) Sign up for your FREE 30-Day VIP Pass at Texas Family Fitness today.

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