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Vacation is just a few weeks away. Your friend’s wedding is coming up in a couple of months. In the meantime, you’re wondering how much weight you can lose between now and the big event. Great question!

You want to practice healthy weight loss, but you also want to drop a few pounds fast!

Here’s the skinny on how much weight you can lose in a short amount of time.

Healthy weight loss

What You Need to Know for Healthy Weight Loss

To get a sense of how much weight you can lose in a certain amount of time, you’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you at a healthy weight now?

Use a BMI calculator to determine how healthy your current body weight is. Ideally, you could come in to a Texas Family Fitness location to get a free fitness and nutrition evaluation with one of our professional trainers, which will give you the full picture of your health and fitness levels.

Healthy weight loss 3What is a healthy weight for you?

When you use the BMI calculator or come in for your free evaluation, be sure to get a sense of what a healthy weight goal would be for you.

Do you want to focus on fat loss or weight loss?

Losing weight and shedding fat are different things. More exercise and drastically cutting calories may help you lose weight, but real fat loss will take more time.

What kind of goals do you have?

Wanting to fit into a dress four sizes smaller within a few weeks probably isn’t a reasonable goal. Slimming down one dress size over several weeks might be. Set a few reasonable goals for yourself.


How Much Weight You Can Lose Healthily

Once you’ve asked yourself the questions above, it’s time to recognize what is reasonable during your weight loss window. You don’t want to try a fad or crash diet, so here’s how to lose weight fast the healthy way

Healthy weight loss 2Determine how many pounds you can safely lose per week

Despite what crash diets claim, the most weight you can lose each week healthily is 1 to 2 pounds. That’s about half a dress size per month. Create your plan accordingly.

Choose the best quick weight loss strategies

You’ll need to change your diet and workout regularly to accomplish any weight loss quickly. Cardio traditionally is considered a solid bet for weight loss exercise, but more research is showing the huge benefits of strength training for improved body composition.

Make a weight loss plan

The best way to ensure you actually reach your weight loss goals is to make a plan. Use a food journal, talk to a trainer, and get in the gym with a plan in hand. One of our trainers can help with an effective strategy and plan for YOUR goals!

Plan to maintain your weight loss after the big event

Your weight loss shouldn’t stop after beach day or any other big event. Once you’ve lost a few pounds, keep going! The ups and downs are worth working through.

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We can’t wait to see how far you can get and how fast!

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