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Becoming a Member

How do I join?

Texas Family Fitness has several options that make joining simple. The nearest club can accommodate membership needs or we have the option to conveniently join online through this link.

Please consider the following:

  • Membership rates are agreed upon by Texas Family Fitness and the member at the time of enrollment. 
  • There are several promotions that take place throughout the year. If there is special pricing that is appealing, take advantage! 
  • Texas Family Fitness reserves the right to raise membership dues at any time. 


Annual Fee

When is my annual fee due?

Texas Family Fitness reserves the right to charge an annual fee 25 to 45 days after enrollment. The annual fee is standard on every membership.

Keep in mind:

  • The current annual fee is $55 (+ tax) but is subject to change.
  • Every membership that Texas Family Fitness offers has an annual fee.
  • Texas Family Fitness reserves the right to raise the annual fee at any time.
  • The annual fee will be deducted from the form of payment submitted upon acquisition of membership.

There are no other "extra fees" that are added to any Texas Family Fitness membership.


Freeze Option

I want to keep my membership active but put it on a brief hold, how do I do that?

We offer a freeze option for all memberships.

Please consider the following:

  • All requests are processed within the parameters of the membership agreement 
  • $5 per month will be charged for all approved requests, for the duration of the freeze
  • Members can remain frozen for up to 6 months out of a calendar year
  • A freeze request form must be filled out for every membership
  • 30-day billing policy applies to the Freeze Option (i.e. all dues are owed in the 30 days after a Freeze Option is processed).


Cost to Start Membership

What is the cost to get started?

Upon enrollment, the new member pays the enrollment fee plus first & last month dues.

Please remember:

  • The "dues" are the monthly rate that is agreed upon by member and Texas Family Fitness at time of enrollment.


Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel?

We offer all members two convenient ways to cancel. Cancellation must take place in the gym or by written notice via certified mail sent to: P.O. Box 3525, Coppell, TX 75019

Please keep these things in mind:

  • Member will be issued a full refund if membership is cancelled within 3 days of original purchase.
  • We have a 30-day cancellation notice policy prior to the next billing date. If you wish to not be billed in a certain month then your membership MUST be cancelled 30 days prior to that bill date.
  • If you cancel by written notice via certified mail then we will abide by the post date of that notice. If you cancel in the gym then we will abide by the date of the form filled out by club staff.
  • Member is liable for all fees and monthly dues owed, up to and including through the 30-day notice period
  • If membership is a family account, the number of cancellation forms must be the same as the number of memberships (i.e. if there are 5 members on an account, 5 cancellation forms must be filled out).
  • If an account is on "Freeze" and the member would like to cancel, the cancel will supersede the Freeze. Thus, the 30-day cancellation policy will go into effect and all billing will be owed in the next 30 days.
  • Term memberships may not be cancelled until the Agreement "Renewal Date" outlined in the Agreement Information section of the membership agreement.


Membership Agreement

Do I sign a contract?

Texas Family Fitness offers both month-to-month memberships and term memberships. 

Just a reminder:

  • Membership fees are drafted on a monthly recurring basis from a credit card or bank account on file.
  • Monthly fees are based off the initial agreeable rate by Texas Family Fitness and the member.
  • Texas Family Fitness reserves the right to determine the amount and terms of payment of membership dues.
  • Initiation fee and monthly dues are not refundable.
  • Term memberships are beneficial to members that are interested in savings. The term membership will have monthly dues that are set for a specific amount of months. After the initial term, the membership will be month-to-month.
    • All term memberships will be apparent on the website. The field of "Recurring Payment" will be marked with a set number of months (i.e.12  @ )  followed by the price of the membership per month - meaning there are 12 payments at the total price. 


Kids Club

What if I have a child I want to bring with me?

If you have a child that is 12 years or younger, Texas Family Fitness offers Kids Club. This service is fee based. Child care fees are paid in addition to member's dues and can be paid by visit or by monthly EFT. 


  • Hours are posted on our website or can be obtained from any staff member.
  • Kids Club fees vary based on club. Please see club for more details.


Family Add-On

I have a family member that I would like to add to my membership, what can I do?

We offer Family Add-On's to any primary membership.

Keep this in mind:

  • Fees are what is agreed on by Texas Family Fitness and the member at the time of enrollment.
  • If primary member cancels and the Family Add-On membership stays active, the Family Add-On membership dues will be $19.99 per month (+ tax).




If you have any further questions our club staff will be happy to help you out. 

Come join our Family!

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