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Strength Training

Our strength training program builds total body functional strength, muscular endurance, and helps you build lean muscle. Using a variety of equipment and low to medium repetitions, our trainers will take you through a workout that will challenge all the major muscle groups.

All fitness levels are encouraged!

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Our barbell group classes will provide you with a total body training. Our professional coaches will help beginners quickly master the basic lifts and achieve optimal fitness in a short amount of time. Learn scientifically proven techniques to activate targeted muscle groups effectively in our barbell class, in a safe and professional environment.

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P90X classes are a total-body program incorporating strength training, cardio, core work, and flexibility. Discover the explosive power of jump training, the fat-shredding intensity of martial arts, the energizing experience of extreme yoga, and the grace of core-sculpting gymnastics.

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Mari Nikko

“I’ve been going to Barbell with Alisa for two years now, and absolutely LOVE it. The thing that I most especially like is that every week, I never know what to expect. She constantly challenges each and every one of my muscles and I get to do moves that I otherwise would never do. The best thing about that? I feel the fruits of my labor after 48 hours.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequency is entirely up to you. Remember to listen to your body and do not over do it.

All strength training classes have the equipment available that you will need to complete the exercises. There will be dumbbells, barbells, and other pieces of equipment available.

Strength classes involve full body movements. Just some of the exercises you can expect are: squats, curls, shoulder press, and more.

Texas Family Fitness instructors will cater exercises to your needs. All fitness levels are welcome at all classes. 

Members that have the Fit or Elite membership have access to classes. Don't know what membership you have? That's fine, our friendly staff will help you.

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Exercise with qualified instructors who care about your health!

 Get inspired by one of our many group fitness classes. We offer energizing cardio, dance, pilates, yoga, seniors, and strength training classes for all types of fitness levels and goals. Check out the class schedule for your preferred club.

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Great fitness experience, great results, and the best overall value in Texas.
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