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Ignite your passion for fitness with our boot camp fitness program, IGNITE. Get pumped with this high-intensity interval-training format led by expert trainers. Get a personalized program adapted for you.

Group training is a great way to stay motivated and accountable. However, if the groups are too large, the trainer can’t respond to individual needs. This often leads to incorrect exercise, injury, improper loading, and a lack of fitness results.

See the results faster with a program made for you with individualized support. Discover your inner-athlete with a motivating, small group of like-minded people. This program is fueled by exciting and challenging exercises, specifically tailored to your fitness level and goals.

Our heart-pumping workouts include:

  • Circuit-based weight training
  • Treadmill interval work
  • Lower body strength conditioning
  • Upper body strength conditioning
  • Supportive team atmosphere

IGNITE is the cutting-edge fitness boot camp workout you're looking for.  Burn fat, boost your metabolism, and build strength to achieve sculpted body results and a cardio system that’s on fire!

Please note: These boot camp classes are unlimited only for our members with an IGNITE upgraded membership. The room is only permitted for use during class times when a coach is present.

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