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You can lose weight using a variety of strategies. Some are healthier than others. Clean eating is a smart strategy many people are using. It's a healthy and simple concept you can implement successfully.

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Learn the basics of clean eating to understand how this strategy can help with weight loss:

What is Clean Eating?

The concept of clean eating is simple: avoid foods that aren’t natural or are processed. Typically, diets featuring clean foods include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Some include lean meats that haven’t been processed heavily.

“Clean” foods are those that come from natural sources. They don't have preservatives or unnecessary additives. Most clean foods are naturally low in empty calories. However, “Clean Eating” can be defined in lots of different ways.


Clean eatingWhat Variations of Clean Eating Are There?

Since clean eating is a concept, not a diet, there are many variations of the idea. Some variations are specific diets. Others stick to certain guidelines. Common versions of clean eating include:

What are the Positive Effects of Clean Eating?

Due to the variations of clean eating diets, the results of ‘eating clean’ can vary. Author Tosca Reno says you can lose up to 3 pounds a week on this diet if you follow specific guidelines, like eating 6 times a day. Despite claims like these, clean eating doesn’t guarantee automatic weight loss.

However, clean eating can help with weight loss, and offers other benefits like being:

  • Helpful for cleansing the body of toxins and other hindrances
  • Healthy for your heart, immune system, cardiovascular health, and more
  • Great for boosting physical and mental energy
  • Effective for weight loss when combined with exercise and portion control

clean eating 1What are the Challenges of Clean Eating?

Unlike counting calories or following very specific dietary rules, clean eating is simple. The main challenge of clean eating is that it can be hard for the digestive system to adjust at first. Otherwise, the challenge is just dealing with cravings for processed foods, or indeed even FINDING easily-accessible natural foods.


What’s the Best Way to Start Eating Clean?

Eating clean is simple, so getting started with this strategy is easy. Common tips to get your started include:

  • Selecting lean meats or fresh veggies to plan meals around
  • Swapping out processed snacks for fruits or veggies
  • Comparing food labels and choosing the lower sodium options
  • Eating whole grains that don’t have added sugars and long lists of preservatives

Opting to eat clean will make you feel more energized and aware of your body, which helps you when you want to keep up your motivation and energy for your workout sessions!

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