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Personal trainers specialize in understanding which exercises are best for you. They help you figure out which workout plan will help you reach your specific goals. Of course, these are some exercises that trainers tend to put in the majority of the personalized workout plans they create. This is because some movements are foundational for just about everyone.

Trainer exercises featured

Check out these top trainer exercises, shared by Texas Family Fitness trainer Jordan Scroggins.

Best Trainer Exercises

Jordan says these exercises are staples because they address common postural problems. He also points out that many people live sedentary lifestyles- so foundational exercises like these target muscles that are weakened by prolonged sitting.

Trainer exercises glute bridge

Exercise 1: Floor or Stability Ball Bridge

To qualify as a trainer exercise favorite, a movement has to help you build a solid foundation. Bridges activate all your core muscles, which can improve posture and core strength. This exercise also works your glutes and hamstrings, reducing your chance of injury.

trainer exercises ball squat

Exercise 2: Stability Ball Squat

Form matters. So does posture and core strength. Stability ball squats are a great way to exercise your core and lower body while focusing on your form.

Trainer exercises bird dobg

Exercise 3: Bird Dog

Athletes, physical therapists, and personal trainers all use this helpful and essential exercise. A bodyweight movement, this exercise strengthens the core while helping with balance. It can also help with flexibility.

Trainer exercises deadlift

Exercise 4: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Your posterior chain—those are the muscles ranging from your glutes to your hamstrings—are strengthened by this exercise. The movement helps with cross body coordination, core stability, and balance as well.

Trainer exercises upright row  

Exercise 5: Standing Cable Row

Useful for improving posture, this exercise focuses primarily on your traps. Form is especially important with this exercise to reduce the risk of injury. This movement should be practiced with the help of someone who is experienced.

Avoid these Exercises

Along with favorite exercises, personal trainers also have a few moves they don’t like. One exercise trainer Jordan Scroggins never recommends is the behind the neck lat pull down because of the strain on your shoulder joints. However, other exercises you should avoid typically depend in part on your situation.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid exercises that may exacerbate existing issues. For example, chest fly or press machines won't be good for those who have slouched or rounded shoulders.

Women who wear heels or people who walk a lot may experience strain performing calf raises. Those who sit most of the time won't benefit as much from using seated exercise machines.

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