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Kids are like sponges that absorb every attitude, approach, and response they see from their parents as they go through their daily lives. When it comes to living a healthy and fitness-oriented lifestyle, kids can be one of the best indications of how important eating healthy and exercising regularly is to their parents. Here is why it's important to set good examples of exercise for your children.

Children Will Replicate Their Parent's Behavior

Studies indicate that children’s physical activity levels correlate closely with those of their parents. If your children see you put a lot of importance on exercise and eating healthy, they will grow up with better habits and ideas about it. They will learn to enjoy being active and what to eat to fuel their bodies. Exercising and eating healthy regularly becomes less of a struggle with your younger ones when it becomes a regular routine in your family’s daily life.

Exercise Is Vital For Developing Children

Exercise, like food, is a fundamental part of a child’s physical growth. Exercise helps your child build stronger muscles and bones acting as a stimulus for the body to adapt to. According to Active Health, developing a good physical foundation from a young age includes healthy bone mass and density, which will reduce the risk of developing bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis later on in life.

Exercise Can Maintain Their Mental Health

Physical activity helps with stress and anxiety relief, and the rush of feel-good hormones it releases promotes better moods. It also gives something for a child to focus on and work towards, whether it be simple exercise or sports.

Not only is being active important for adults, it's even more important for adults with impressionable children. For more information on gyms and staying active, give us a call today!

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