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Working out is much easier said than done. That's why over 80% of people who are adults don't meet guidelines for muscle and aerobic activities that strengthen the body.

You want to work out and get more out of your day, but you don't know how to stay motivated. When you hit the gym for your health, you do more than just make your body look better, you make yourself healthier at the same time. Here are ways to stay motivated so you get to the gym and do your strength-building program more diligently.

Pick a Workout Buddy

When you have a workout buddy, you naturally get more motivated to go to the gym because you have more than just yourself to motivate. Group fitness efforts help everyone stay on the same path, whether you're all doing a strength-building program or you each have your own fitness goals for getting and staying in shape.

Pay Yourself

Consider paying yourself a monetary reward for every time you go to the gym and do a workout. The reward can be as small as a quarter or much larger. Put this money in a jar that you can put out in the open, and once a week or so you can get your reward for doing your strength training.

Pick a Routine

Pick a certain day of the week that you choose to do your workouts, such as the same day every weekend or another allotted day. This way, you'll get into that routine and will be more likely to stick with it over time.

Part of your routine is making sure you choose the same workout classes as well. With a variety of classes to choose from to enhance your workout, make sure you pick the ones that will motivate you the most. This way, you aren't stuck in a rut by doing a routine that isn't motivating you. If any of the classes are not working out, then you can change to new ones.

Pick a Free Day

Have a free day when you go to the gym. A free day allows you to try a variety of equipment that is new to you or allows you to do something else instead of doing your strength-building program for the day. A free day doesn't mean you don't have to hit the gym, it just means you can take the day to try something new to keep you motivated to keep going.

When you do what you can to stay motivated at the gym, you have a great time and really enhance your workouts overall. Your gym membership is going to cost you money, so get the most out of your investment and take some time to really get to know your body and its limits. Challenge yourself, and you will see the positive changes that will soon take shape.

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