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Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. And one of the most effective forms of exercise is strength training. However, unlike cardio, strength training intimidates a lot of people before they even start. They think that it is a complicated, difficult exercise program that is only done by extremely large and fit men. None of these stereotypes are true. In fact, there are many strength training myths you should stop believing.

You'll Get Bulky

If you're lifting heavy weights all the time, it makes sense that you'll think your body will get bulky. However, most women's bodies are hormonally incapable of putting on the muscle mass that they are afraid of. For them, lifting weights will strengthen lean muscles and reduce fat in the body. There is no need to worry about looking like a professional bodybuilder if you add strength training to your routine.

You Can't Fit it Into a Normal Day

Do you think that strength training takes hours a day? You can actually get the benefits of these exercises through short routines a few times a week. Over 60% of people who weight train actually get more than seven hours of sleep each night. That sleep is essential to your health as well, so don't skip it in order to add more strength training to your day.

Strength Training Is Only for Men

You might see more men than women in the weight room, but that doesn't mean that strength training is a boys' club. In fact, women should strength train in order to reduce their risk of muscle deterioration as they get older. If you're a woman, you belong in the weight room just as much as the guys. So go in there and do your workout!

Strength Training Is Hard to Learn

There isn't a lot of complex work behind strength training. If you want to learn how to do it for yourself, work with a personal trainer or take a class. Many gyms offer classes, but so do senior centers or other community organizations. They can help you to learn the basics in a supportive environment.

By unlearning strength training myths, you set yourself up for success with your own workouts. Strength training is extremely beneficial to people of all ages and genders. So go learn the basics and try it out for yourself.

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