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Regular exercise has beneficial knock-on effects on your heart, sleep, mood, and even sex life. Understanding the benefits can help motivate you get in the gym when starting a new exercise routine.

Heart and Other Diseases

Aerobic and strength training help your heart grow strong. They lower bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and prevent coronary disease. Exercise prevents other diseases like diabetes and cancer, too.


There's nothing like a night's sleep after a good workout. Pushing your body to its limits will help you fall and stay asleep. Tire yourself out with a workout and start getting sleep benefits immediately.

Mental Health and Mood

According to MedAlertHelp.com, running for just 15 minutes every day reduces your chances of depression by 26%. Exercise boosts your mood by releasing chemicals in your brain that make you more relaxed and happy.


Physical intimacy is an exercise in its own right and being in better shape will positively impact your energy towards this aspect of your romantic relationships. Regular exercise can increase arousal in both men and women, and help men battle erectile dysfunction.

Getting a new exercise routine can be daunting, but the benefits make it worth it and are apparent very quickly. Texas Family Fitness offers affordable gym memberships and a variety of equipment and classes. You can get a personalized experience that fits your needs to that you can enjoy the finer benefits of exercise on your terms.

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