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There is no more popular resolution to start the new year than getting in shape. Unfortunately, this new determination often dissipates as January continues on. This reason has to do with results not showing as fast as the person doing them thinks they should. It's easy to get discouraged when you feel you are not progressing. However, this year is a great opportunity to start something new, in the form of HIIT workouts! Here we discuss how to get the most out of these quickly transformative exercise strategies.

What Are HIIT Workouts?

High-intensity interval training, HIIT, brings together both short, intense activity with lower-intensity exercise or rest. This combination works well with the body because the level of intensity allows you to burn the same amount of calories with less workout time. Research shows that participants who use HIIT workouts for weight loss tend to lose 28.5% more body fat than others who did moderately-intense exercise, like running.

Tips to Maximize HIIT Workouts


We know you are pumped and ready to go, which is the best attitude to have for HIIT. However, while your brain is ready, your body needs a moment to warm up to the level you need it at.

Ease Into It

Avoid hitting exhaustion by getting rest a little longer than the short burst of all-out movement. Giving yourself 40 or 50 seconds of rest after 30 hard seconds is a great way to build up as you go.

Plan Off Days

Similar to not exhausting yourself in a workout, you don't want to overdo it in the long run. Don't plan to do HIIT like a work schedule. Give your body time to rest and recover by putting a free day in between workouts.

Talk It Out

In the midst of heavy activity, make sure you can still hold a conversation. If you are unable to speak, you're pushing the body too hard. When this happens, it's time to take a breather and regain your voice before getting back to it.

Once you get into the swing of things, then you can start adding weights and pick more challenging routines. HIIT workouts can be a great way to jumpstart not only your year but a new commitment to a stronger body and having more energy. Using these tips will ensure you're able to keep it going all year long.

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