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Like all other muscles of the body, the heart needs to be exercised regularly. When a muscle is used regularly, it becomes stronger and healthier. But if it's not active, it weakens and atrophies. Cardiovascular health goes hand in hand with regular physical activity.

Those who exercise regularly have a 60% reduced chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Here is how regular exercise improves cardiovascular and overall physical health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Every beat of a healthy heart results in more blood being pushed out, making it more efficient. As a result, the heart and the arteries around it are less stressed, which may lower blood pressure. Regular exercise can go a long way towards managing your blood pressure if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Exercising may also help lower your risk of developing high blood pressure as you become older, while also improving overall physical health.

Improves the Flow of Blood

Blood flow in the tiny vessels around the heart can be significantly improved by regular cardio-based physical exercise. Better circulation in these areas has actually been shown to prevent heart attacks. Regular exercise increases the number of physical connections between these tiny blood vessels. This gives blood more options for getting to its final destination.

Lowers Your Cholesterol

Several studies have shown that exercise is connected to positive improvements in cholesterol. Regular exercise can increase the amount of beneficial HDL cholesterol and reduce the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol by 10%.

Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Stroke

Regular physical activity has been shown to lower coronary heart disease risk in men by up to 21% and by up to 29% in women, according to research. A stroke is 20% less likely among physically active individuals. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level also helps to reduce the chance of developing pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Lowers Risk of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

A blood clot-induced stroke is five times more likely in those with AFib, a common heart rhythm disorder. Reduced AFib rates and milder illnesses were linked to weight loss programs, according to research in the Journal of the American Medical Association. According to the American Heart Association, patients who exercised frequently had a 50% reduction in the incidence of AFib.

Other than improving cardiovascular health, regular exercise will keep your weight in check, improve your eating choices and reduce stress. It can also boost your mood and improve overall mental and physical health, according to the American Heart Association. Start exercising regularly to enjoy these benefits. If you are looking for a Texas fitness center, check out Texas Family Fitness today!

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