The gift-buying season has begun. If you have a fitness fan in your life, you don't need to worry about finding the perfect present, regardless of your price range.

Fitness fan gifts

Use these ideas to find affordable fitness fan gifts they’ll love:

Best Fitness Fan Gifts for $5-$20

Fitness fan gifts 1Single Serve Blender

Perfect for protein shakes and smoothies made with healthy supplements, a single serve blender makes eating for fitness goals convenient.

Sweat-Wicking Tee

Workout clothes designed to deal with sweat are always a winner. Sweat-wicking tees are also easy to find, so it’s a win-win.

Spotify Premium

Music makes workouts way more fun. A subscription to Spotify Premium is about $10 per month and enables your favorite fitness fan to sweat to the beat- sans ads.

Best Fitness Fan Gifts for $20-$50

Fitness fan gifts 4Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Convenient, easy to use, and multi-functional, this workout bar is a favorite for many. It’s especially useful for people who love strength-training.

Foam Roller

Fitness fans are familiar with muscle knots. Foam rollers help work out the tension and can improve recovery post-workout, making them handy and thoughtful gifts.

S’well Bottle

As any gym junkie knows, hydration is key. But keeping drinks cold on the go? Not easy. S-well bottles are stylish and practical, keeping drinking cold for many hours.

Best Fitness Fan Gifts for $50-$100

Fitness fan gifts 2Sport Headphones

One crucial element of a great workout playlist (a great homemade gift by the way), is a way to play those tunes without making exercise uncomfortable. That’s what sporty headphones are designed for.

Smart Scale

Everything’s getting smarter these days- scales included. A smart scale can integrate with other kinds of other tech to help your loved one strategically reach their fitness goals.

Yoga Starter Kit

Great for stretching, building core stability, de-stressing, and more, yoga is popular. But buying great yoga gear can be intimidating. A starter kit helps.

Best Fitness Fan Gifts for $100+

Fitness fan gifts 3Apple Watch

Wearable tech is trendy this year. Apple watches (or other smart watches) are a great gift that can help support your fitness friend reach a variety of goals.


Another popular piece of wearable tech, a Fitbit is a favorite for many. If your favorite fitness fan already has one, a new band may still be appreciated since there are different styles available.

Athletic Footwear

Great shoes may not seem like an exciting gift, but for people who love to workout not much can compete with amazing footwear.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

One of the best things you can give a loved one striving to reach fitness goals is your investment in the everyday effort and expense of fitness. Personal training sessions are a gift that allows your fitness fan to get a customized plan and expert coaching. A gym membership opens the door to more opportunities, including amazing fitness classes.

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