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The idea behind new year’s resolutions is great. You find a goal, make a plan, and stick to it as a way of kicking off a new year well. Still, 80% of people don’t keep their resolution—and that’s just by the second week in February.

One of the reasons people don’t follow through with their fitness resolutions is that they didn’t choose a realistic goal. Set yourself up for success this year—with resolutions you can actually keep.

Fitness resolutions

Top 10 Fitness Resolutions You Can Keep

Most of these ideas are about trying things or committing to something. That’s because these sorts of lifestyle changes inspire the kinds of “new” that help you reach great goals like significant weight loss or becoming a bodybuilder.

Fitness resolutions 1Make your resolution:

1. Try a new fitness class this year

2. Get to the gym for two hours every week

3. Meet with a personal trainer for a free session

4. Learn the names of 5 people at the gym

5. Eat breakfast daily

6. Choose one fitness weakness to tackle

7. Try a new healthy recipe once a week

8. Commit to making new excuses

9. Plan 3 outdoor excursions that involve exercise this year

10. Bring someone to the gym with you

How to Keep These Realistic Resolutions

Fitness resolutions 2Although these resolutions are already realistic, they still won’t happen unless you’re strategic. Pursuing a goal always takes some commitment, time, and planning. Use these tips to keep these resolutions:

  • Make your resolution into a SMART goal
  • Add plans for meeting your goal into your schedule (throughout the next year)
  • Think of something you can give up/scale back to make time/find the money to reach your goal
  • Share your goal with people who will check in, hold you accountable, and encourage you
  • Find an app, reminder tool, or another resource to make tracking your goal simpler

How to Get Started on Your Resolutions

Sticking to fitness resolutions is hard if you aren’t a part of a gym. At Texas Family Fitness, we have what you need to get started.

You can sign up for a free personal training session (attend and viola- resolution kept!) Or, check out one of our amazing fitness classes (knock out resolutions 1, 2, and 4.)

Ready to get started on your resolution? Sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial.


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