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If you’re working on getting fit, you may want to consider incorporating Pilates into your strength training classes. Each form of exercise can address various aspects of your health, whether you’re doing basic lifts or barbell training. Here are some of the top reasons to incorporate Pilates into your fitness regimen.

1. Build Core Muscles

The core muscles are the muscles along the pelvic floor, abdomen, diaphragm, and spine. They're essential for walking, running, and lifting weights. One of the benefits of Pilates is that it helps to prevent injuries during intensive strength training sessions while you build your core muscles. You can formulate a plan with your trainer that will complement your barbell exercise program.

2. Reduce the Risk of Injury

As a mind-body discipline, Pilates focuses on stretching the body through small incremental movements. It is one of the best forms of exercise if you aim to build long, lean muscle instead of bulk. After multiple sessions of Pilates, you should be getting fit and more flexible. You’ll also be boosting muscle endurance evenly across the body. The benefit of that is that you’ll reduce the risk of injuries like muscle strains.

3. Improve Flexibility and Coordination

Pilates exercises will make your muscles leaner and denser. Pilates works on your balance, endurance, and muscle tone. The principle of flow emphasizes a progressive increase in your range of motion. For these reasons, Pilates gradually enhances coordination and flexibility. Greater flexibility will boost your performance in sports and minimize the risk of injuries. It is suitable for people of all ages, and a trainer may integrate it into workout classes for seniors.

4. Better Posture and Form

Since Pilates is a mind-body exercise, it is not just about getting fit. It also aims to condition the body and form during smooth transitions through a variety of poses. This way, you can develop a better form and posture during strength training classes.

5. Boost Energy

Your trainer will show you how to breathe correctly during Pilates. This helps you attain the right oxygen levels when working out, enabling you to reach your optimum energy levels and improve blood circulation. Breathing exercises during Pilates can also stimulate the spine and promote the production of feel-good hormones like serotonin.

6. They Are Easy to Adapt to Your Fitness Needs

From teens to seniors, there’s no reason why you can’t start getting fit with Pilates. Even if you are a beginner, they are easy to learn and you will gain so much during the first few sessions. You’ll also be teaching your body proper alignment and centering.

A Pilates session may last the same as a HIIT, a High-Intensity Interval Training that takes about half an hour. It is a low-intensity workout that burns calories and tones most muscle groups.

Combining Pilates and weight lifting is beneficial if you are working on getting fit and healthy. But be careful when coming up with your workout strategy. Do not overexert, as Pilates can be demanding. Work with a professional trainer to ensure you target the relevant muscle groups for the best results.

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