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Humans weren't designed to be couch potatoes, certainly not from an evolutionary standpoint. Personal fitness is essential for maintaining good health. Even so, less than 5% of adults, according to the US Department of Health & Human Services, exercise for 30 minutes daily.

One day off from the gym won't hurt, but skipping personal fitness workouts frequently is bad for your health. Your body might experience a wide range of negative impacts from inactivity. Here's why you should start being physically active today.

Excessive Weight Gain

Unless you exercise, you may experience difficulty managing your weight. Inactivity, especially coupled with poor eating habits, may contribute to the extra pounds associated with excessive couch time. An overweight person risks various negative health outcomes such as high blood pressure and heart problems. You might also suffer general discomfort, social difficulties, and increased healthcare costs.

Bone and Joint Frailty

Bone and joint damage are less obvious risks of not exercising. A joint routinely exercised is flexible, whereas one that isn't stretched often is weaker and more prone to painful tears. Muscle shortening, a related problem, can cause unintentional imbalances in the body that, over time, lead to injuries. People in their senior years are especially prone to having fragile bones.

Muscle Loss

Your muscles grow bigger and stronger from birth until you're around 30 years old. However, you begin to lose muscle mass and function in your 30s due to age-related sarcopenia. According to Perspectives, people who don't consistently exercise may lose up to 80% of their muscle power by the time they reach the age of 65.

Higher Chance of Some Cancers

The National Cancer Institute reports show several cancers are associated with inactivity. The link between different cancers and inactivity is less apparent. Still, the evidence is convincing enough to classify inactivity as a risk factor for melanoma, leukemia, bladder, stomach, kidney, liver, and esophageal cancer.

Without a doubt, personal fitness benefits the body and the psyche. It's not too late to change if you've slid into a sedentary way of life. Talk to a doctor about ideal workouts if you want to improve your health, and then start slowly. Visit us today for a customized personal fitness journey.

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