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Strength training is often overlooked by older adults as just a method of exercise used to bulk up or gain large amounts of muscle. While it does help with overall muscle and toning, strength training is a great form of exercise for people of any age.

A shocking 35% to 44% of adults over age 75 consider themselves physically active while only 28% to 34% of adults between 65 and 74 are active. With such low percentages of physically active adults, it’s crucial to talk about the importance of strength training programs for seniors. There are many options at your local Denton fitness center, Texas Family Fitness. Keep reading to learn more about the key benefits of strength training for older adults.

Improved Balance

Workout classes for seniors are designed to help older adults gently gain muscle through activities like barbell strength training. Some other common exercises include squats or wall pushups, which also help to strengthen core muscles. These simple exercises can help improve core and leg muscles that aid in balance. When you are strong and steady on your feet, it helps decrease the risk of dangerous falls and injuries.

Maintain Independence

Texas Family Fitness is a Denton fitness center that offers a variety of classes for all ages! The strength training programs are perfect for helping older individuals like yourself stay strong and steady to keep you independent as you age. As we age, regular activities like grocery shopping, getting the mail, or climbing stairs can become challenging. Strength training workouts can be adapted to fit any age or fitness level and help to build muscle at any age. Don’t wait until you are having difficulty completing tasks. Stay on top of your health and wellness goals.

Protect Your Bones

It’s common for seniors to suffer serious injuries after a slip or fall. This is because of decreased bone density. Broken bones can lead to long hospital stays or the need for rehabilitative therapy. A strength training program can help to increase bone density and reduce the risk of dangerous bone injuries. Classes for seniors are available right at your local Denton fitness center, Texas Family Fitness.

Boost Your Mood

Senior workout classes are a great way to not only improve physical health but mental health, too. There are a variety of challenges that come along with aging and, when left unaddressed, they can take a toll on our overall happiness. Exercising can help with releasing endorphins that help us to feel good, even with low-impact options like barbell strength training. It’s a great way to boost your mood while also helping to build muscle.

It’s important to always start any new fitness regimen slowly and be sure to listen to your body. Don’t push it too hard and know that you can gradually increase the difficulty as you grow stronger through your workouts. Even small steps and accomplishments add up to big successes over time. At your local Denton fitness center, Texas Family Fitness, you will be able to exercise and build muscle in an upbeat and positive environment.

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