It seems like there are a million reasons you need to go to the gym. Regular workouts can improve your quality of life, increase longevity, decrease the risk of disease, and so much more.

Go to the gym

But, for all the reasons you should hit the gym, there are always reasons not to, too!

10 reasons NOT to go to the Gym

1. You Can’t Afford It

Excuse: A gym membership can be expensive. For many people, cost is the number one reason not to go to the gym

Solution: Texas Family Fitness is affordable. Discounts and family memberships make it feasible for you and your family to work out.

Go to the gym 32. You’re Too Busy

Excuse: Making the time to work out is tough when you’re already on the go. With so much to do during the day, who has time to hit the gym?

Solution: Exercise boosts productivity. When you go to the gym, you make it easier for yourself to get more done in a day.

3. You’re Too Tired

Excuse: Life can be exhausting. If you’re tired, it can be hard to muster up enough energy to workout.

Solution: You actually gain energy and boost your mood when you exercise, so the gym can be your pick-me-up.

4. You’re Intimidated

Excuse: Trying something new is scary. Working toward a goal is challenging. Plus, there are other people at the gym, which can be intimidating if you’re shy or self-conscious.

Solution: Texas Family Fitness is a friendly, no-judgment gym. There are lots of resources to help you reach your goals, too.

Go to the gym 45. You’re Not Reaching Your Goals

Excuse: It can be downright discouraging when you are trying hard and still not reaching your goals. When that happens, you might feel like giving up on the gym.

Solution: Assess your goals to be sure they are reasonable. You might also benefit from trying a new fitness class or personal training.

6. You Want to Lose Weight

Excuse: If you think that weight loss only happens by doing cardio, you might deem the gym unnecessary.

Solution: Strength training can help you lose weight too. Plus, the gym has a wide range of cardio equipment that can maximize your weight loss plan.

7. Don’t Want to Get Sweaty

Excuse: You don’t like getting sweaty and sticky. Plus, you don’t have time to run home and shower after every workout before you move on to your next task.

Solution: The gym has showers! Sweat also releases toxins and offers multiple health benefits.

Go to the gym 18. You Don’t Want to Socialize

Excuse: Workout time is you time. If you hit the gym, people might try to make it a social hour. You just want to enjoy your workout- alone!

Solution: Wear headphones. Go to the gym when it’s less likely to be busy. Turn your phone to silent so you don’t get distracted.

9. You’ve Hit A Plateau

Excuse: You lost the pounds you wanted to at first or already ran the marathon. But now, you’re not seeing results anymore. You’ve hit a fitness plateau, so the gym just bores you.

Solution: Set a new goal! There’s always another level of fitness to master. Hiring a personal trainer can help you feel alive at the gym again.

10. You Lack The Motivation

Go to the gym 2

Excuse: Sometimes the real reason you don’t go to the gym is that you’re just not motivated.

Solution: Everybody has times they don’t “feel like” working out. That’s the best time to go to the gym, though. It’s then that seeing other people reach their goals, working out with other people, and pushing yourself to keep going really pays off.

Find Your Reason

The best way to get past all of the reasons NOT to go to the gym is to remind yourself of WHY you do go. Think of the people you love who benefit when you’re healthy. Focus on your own goals.

When you have your reason in mind, sign up for your FREE 30-Day VIP Pass at Texas Family Fitness.

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Great fitness experience, great results, and the best overall value in Texas.
Great fitness experience, great results, and the best overall value in Texas.

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