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If improving your health this year is the top resolution there are three simple steps that you can take that will help you reach your goals. Did you know that 80% of people do not follow through on their New Year’s resolution? You can make three simple changes to make sure you fall into that other 20%.

Getting fit and enjoying good health does not have to be something you do all at once. It can be something that you work on a little bit at a time. In other words, slow and steady changes are going to help you to win the race to good health.

Step One The Assessment

The path to good health starts out with you getting honest with yourself. Ask yourself a few questions like “how much exercise do you really get," “what is your weakness when it comes to food," and "how much time are you wasting that can be spent at one of the gyms in Texas that offer a variety of classes?"

The first step in any lifestyle change plan is always the hardest. Making excuses is something we are all good at. Really evaluate your lifestyle and see where it needs improvement. There are even workout classes for seniors so age is not an excuse.

Good health starts with making a list of the changes that you need to make and then following through. Joining a gym is a good way to hold yourself accountable.

Step Two Remember You Get Out What You Put In

After exercise diet has the biggest impact on your health. You are literally what you eat. If you struggle with overeating or have a hard time making healthy food choices, see a nutritionist. A nutritionist can help to design a food plan that is built especially for you and your nutritional needs.

Going to the gym and using a variety of equipment to work out is great, but not if you are undoing all the good you are doing with a poor diet. It is important that your diet is geared toward good health.

Step Three-Make Small Changes

One of the reasons people do not reach their health goals is because they try to make many changes at once. It is better to make small changes and make small goals for yourself at first. For example, if you do not exercise at all, do not expect to show up at one of the best fitness centers Texas has to offer and master all of the equipment in a week. Instead, start out walking on the treadmill, and add increments of more difficult exercise as you achieve each smaller goal.

Enlist support from friends and family and be willing to share each goal that you accomplished. You deserve to celebrate each milestone.

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