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senior exercise

Aging happens to everyone. However, the process of growing older does not have to be difficult. There is a way to keep more of the agility and stamina you enjoyed during your younger years. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors enjoy life-changing benefits when it comes to exercise. One of those benefits helps the fight against diabetes. Stats reveal diabetes risks can be lowered by nearly 50% with daily exercise, which is very encouraging.

Moderate, regular physical activity helps older people with high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, and heart disease too. Typically, the best senior exercise routines need to incorporate resistance training, aerobic exercise, stretching, and flexibility movements. Below are ideal senior exercise options to build strength, improve mobility, as well as to enhance coordination and balance.

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Water Aerobics
  • Walking

The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors Keeps on Giving

Daily activity is known to positively impact the physical health of older adults. It also benefits emotional and mental wellbeing. If you are a senior getting ready to add more activity to your routine, know that exercising will fuel you with more energy and raise your self-confidence. Exercising is positively life-changing, making it possible to embrace your golden years with more enthusiasm.

Get Moving to Prevent Chronic Disease

Chronic illnesses can be prevented when you move more. Do you already suffer from a chronic condition? Exercising minimizes symptoms and will make you feel better too. On a positive note, just 30 minutes of senior exercise daily reduces cognitive decline.

Exercise Your Way Into a Better Mood

Exercise makes people feel good. It increases relaxation, eases symptoms of depression and anxiety, and creates a sense of happiness. Remain active well into your senior years to enjoy mood-boosting advantages.

Daily Exercise Counteracts Bone Loss

Counteract bone loss with the appropriate exercises such as strength training to restore bone density. Stronger bones prevent fractures that become more common as you age. Senior exercise also helps with balance and reduces the risks of injuries and falls. Exercise to stay healthy longer and live independently.

Join a Gym or Community Exercise Program

The best way to exercise is to join a gym or community exercise program for seniors. It's more enjoyable to exercise with friends. Such social connections encourage you to keep moving and stick with safe exercise routines in a group setting.

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