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It is a real shame that more than 60% of women in the U.S aren’t engaging in the recommended amount of daily physical activity. This is a large part of why many women fall short on their physical training goals. The good news is that there are so many options out there! If you hate running, great! There are cardiovascular alternatives to running. Not super into lifting (although it definitely helps tone you up)? That’s great, too! There are other ways to tone and slim down that don’t put on as much muscle. If you’re interested in changing up your workout routine, here are a few awesome fitness options.

Barbell Class

A barbell class is pretty much what it sounds like -- a class that uses exclusively barbells to conduct your workout. Barbell strength training can target every muscle group and get you shredded, toned, and stronger in no time. A barbell strength class typically will have a few breaks in order to maintain an elevated heart rate which maximizes your cardio benefits. Check out your local fitness center to see if they have any type of barbell training available! You will reap the benefits of light weight training (this means you’re not going to bulk up, unless you use really heavy weights) as well as an awesome cardiovascular workout!

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting or strength training is a great option to get you into peak physical shape. However, let’s first examine the myth that lifting weights makes women masculine … That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re picturing a shredded, bulky, female bodybuilder that is not what weight training will turn you into, unless that is your goal. As the individual trainee, the ability to change, improve, or manipulate your body is entirely yours. So how can weight training help you? Strength training classes help increase the amount of work you’re able to do. Lifting promotes decreased body-fat, bone density, and overall can help improve your quality of life. If you’re going to the gym on a regular basis and getting in a good lift, even just once a week, you will start seeing incredible changes in your body! Get lifting, get training today! If you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay, don’t be afraid to ask questions whether you’re going to a class or you just have questions about equipment. Everybody has to start somewhere, and it is imperative to do your lifts with proper form to avoid injury.


It is no secret that running is great for your cardiovascular health. It also happens to be most people’s least favorite physical activity. However, that doesn’t mean there are very real benefits to taking up running. For example, running is a free form of training. You don’t need a gym to hit the pavement, or a local school track, or just a field of grass. Running in comparison to weight training for example, probably won’t help you build muscle as much, but it can help you to lose weight and enhance your joint health. Running does sort of require a "form;" however, if you’ve ever watched a track meet or the Olympics you would be able to tell that all runners have similar but unique form. This makes running an easy physical activity. It is easy to learn, and if you’ve ever heard of a runner’s high, well it is for sure a real thing. So maybe lifting weights or a combo class like a barbell class isn’t for you, but running just might be! No matter what form of physical training you choose, making sure you get between 75-150 minutes of vigorous-moderate activity per week.

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