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Most of us don’t have to worry about people snapping candid photos of us when we go to the grocery store or spilling our secrets based on the way we’re dressed or how taut our skin looks each day. For celebrities, that’s daily life.

Our favorite celebrities are role models when it comes to fitness! They know what it takes to stay in shape, look great, and have the energy to perform.

Fortunately for us, we can incorporate their fitness routines into our own (minus the paparazzi!)

Our Favorite Celebrities

Kate Upton

Why We Love Her: Gorgeous, talented, and super strong, we love Kate Upton for her confidence as an actress and a model. She’s the epitome of the empowered woman and proud of her body- plus she can push around a sled loaded with 400 pounds.

What We Can Learn from Her: Kate’s focus is on balance and reaching her potential, not weight and stereotypes. Like Kate, it’s smart to make your goals positive. Her emphasis on strength training and tackling new challenges is also something worth emulating.

Kevin Hart

Why We Love Him: Comedian and actor Kevin Hart doesn’t treat fitness like a joke. He’s transformed his body and his health. As a result, he’s the cover guy for Muscle and Fitness. (Plus, it’s a family thing- shout out to his wife, Eniko Parrish, who crushes it at the gym!)

What We Can Learn from Him: Hart has actually shared his simple workout routine online. He focuses on setting realistic goals and incorporating basic moves, straightforward circuits, and normal gym equipment into his routine.


Gal Gadot

Why We Love Her: It’s no wonder we love Wonder Woman Gal Gadot- she’s fierce. This beautiful actress is a strong, imaginative character on and off the screen. She’s all about keeping her routine in flux to stay in shape for whatever life brings her way.

What We Can Learn from Her: The flexibility and constant change in Gal Gadot’s routine is smart. Keeping the body guessing by switching between boxing, weights, climbing, and cardio ensures muscles don’t plateau and working out doesn’t grow dull.


Chris Pratt

Why We Love Him: Whether he’s saving the galaxy or wrangling dinosaurs, actor Chris Pratt has a lovable personality. A big-hearted guy, he’s a great role model in the community and at the gym. Like most people, he’s also struggled with (and overcome) weight challenges too.

What We Can Learn from Him: Pratt knows how to sculpt for a big show (like filming a hit movie.) He does bodybuilding split-style workouts and uses helpful supplements like protein powder.

Jennifer Lopez

Why We Love Her: It’s easy to forget J-Lo is 48 years old. Energetic, slim, and confident, she serves as a great example of what aging can look like when you take great care of your body.

What We Can Learn from Her: Some of J-Lo’s secrets to success include working out in brief, intense sessions and resting after pushing herself hard. She also makes workouts fun by doing things she enjoys (like dancing) so exercise stays fresh for her.

Chris Hemsworth

Why We Love Him: If you’re going to play Thor, you’ve got to have the muscle for it. Chris Hemsworth has proven he does. His arms and shoulders are notorious (and added about 20 pounds of muscle to his natural build.)

What We Can Learn from Him: Hemsworth’s loaded guns are owed in large part to the help of his personal trainer. The support and expertise of a trainer (celebrity status not required) allows you to reach specific fitness goals efficiently.


Reality for Non-Celebrities

There’s a lot to learn from these favorite celebrities when it comes to taking care of your body.

They’re proof that good old-fashioned exercise and smart workout strategies can yield amazing results. So the reality is, you don’t have to be famous to change your body and live a healthier life….you just have to hit the gym!

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