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It's early in the year and many Americans have already made and failed their goals for this trip around the sun. Among the most common unfulfilled goals are those regarding personal fitness. It should come as no surprise that 28% of Americans, amounting to just over 80 million people over the age of six, are physically inactive. Let's take a look at why these goals fail and how to help them.

Knowledge and Resources

The truth is that the majority of people have good intentions -- especially in the early months of the year. So what happens to cause so many to lose sight of their goals? It turns out that there's a knowledge gap that frequently causes loss of traction on the journey to success. That is where the importance of hiring a trainer comes in. In 2022, a trainer could be the missing ingredient to making fitness dreams become realities.

Why Should You Hire a Trainer?

Physical trainers are like pathfinders. Whether their clients get stuck making the first, second, or 50th step, trainers can give the right advice at the right time to help take the next stride. For starters, trainers collaborate with their clients to establish a fitness vision. Depending on whether the goal is to run a marathon, break a weightlifting record, or simply help a young parent to have the energy needed to corral the kids, the roadmap will look different for each person. Establishing a proper vision will help with the development of a plan with tailored workouts and frequencies.

Maintain Motivation

After the excitement of beginning to hit the gym wears off, many aspiring athletes lose motivation. That explains why fitness centers are packed in January and much less crowded in February. Keeping a client motivated and challenged is one of the most important functions of a trainer. Good trainers have a wide array of activities and challenges to frequently switch things up and keep clients engaged. They can sense when they need to ease up or push harder to maintain motivation.

What's Next?

Finally, once a client has reached his or her goal, the trainer can help answer the question of what's next. It's human nature to reach a goal and then quickly regress. The reality television industry is replete with contestants who make big positive changes and then go south quickly when the cameras stop rolling. Trainers can coach to and through a goal, ensuring that goal builds upon goal until fitness is a neverending process. Regardless of the fitness goal, hiring a trainer should be the first step in 2022.

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