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It’s ironic that caring for the family you’re trying to set a good example for can keep you from going to the gym. You have to watch your kids or try to find a babysitter at the same time as your workout. That’s why kids club at the gym are so helpful!

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Reasons Why Kids Club at the Gym are Practical

There are lots of reasons to take advantage of the kids club at the gym. For example:

  • Kids clubs at gyms offer you an affordable childcare option
  • You don’t have to coordinate a babysitter with your workout schedule
  • Your kids see an example of health and fitness
  • The gym becomes familiar to your whole family
  • You get me-time so you can take care of yourself so you have the energy to play with your kids
  • No need to pay for a babysitter when you want to set a good example and encourage your kids to feel comfortable in a gym environment.

What Kids Clubs Offer Your Kids

Kids club at the gym textBesides all of the reasons kids clubs are an advantage of the gym for adults like you, there are also benefits for your kids.

  • Kids love gym childcare centers for reasons like:
  • Playing (especially with other kids) is fun
  • They get lots of interaction and attention
  • Kids clubs have fun equipment and things to play with
  • They’ll see healthy examples
  • Sometimes kids can join in gym activities too

What Texas Family Fitness Offers

At Texas Family Fitness, we believe the whole family should be able to make health a priority- together. That’s why we offer kids clubs to our members.

Our kids clubs feature:

  • Games
  • Indoor jungle gyms
  • Kid’s movie theater (select locations)

Come enjoy “me-time” while your kids are taken care of. Start today with our 30-Day Free Trial.

Get Your Free 21-Day VIP Pass

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