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Physical activity plays a critical role in maintaining the overall health of seniors. With 11,000 baby boomers celebrating their 65th birthday daily, the need for fitness centers that cater to their needs is growing immensely. Typical gyms in Texas attract a younger demographic, which may be intimidating for aging adults trying to keep fit. Before looking at how to identify Plano fitness centers suitable for seniors, here are some benefits of regular exercises for older citizens.

1. Remarkable Health Benefits

Multiple studies show routine exercises boosts immunity among seniors. It helps keeps diseases such as diabetes and heart disease at bay. Research shows that a pound of muscle burns thrice as many calories as a pound of fat. Therefore, a trip to a fitness center in Texas will not only maintain a healthy muscle tone but also provide faster recovery from infections.

2. Improved Emotional Health

Exercise leads to the production of endorphins-‘feel-good hormones’- that act as stress relievers within the body. Regular exercise at your favorite gym may help lift your moods and improve your mental health. Besides, the training may improve your sleeping patterns, contributing to stronger emotional health.

3. Reduced Risk of Falls

Statistics show that every 11 seconds, one out of four senior citizens experiences a fall-related injury that lands them in the emergency room. Registering for a senior program in one of Plano fitness centers may help build muscle and joint health. The additional strength and fitness will prevent frequent falls.

Identifying Plano Fitness Centers for Seniors

Finding the right senior-friendly gyms in Texas may be challenging. Check out some tips to guide you through the selection process.

1. Equipment Fit for Seniors

Some premium fitness equipment may be too sophisticated and even dangerous for aging adults to use. The entry and exit points may be confusing, with some weights and speed controls being too much for seniors. Look for gyms equipped with fittings with simple-to-use mechanisms that will reduce the risk of injury.

2. Personal Trainers for Aging Adults

Gyms typically employ fitness instructors that help their members through their journey to keeping fit. Find Plano fitness centers that hire personal trainers who specialize in working with the elderly. Preferably, go with instructors certified by the American Seniors Fitness Association.

3. Senior Classes and Programs

Almost all senior-friendly gyms offer senior workout classes. The group fitness classes allow seniors to socialize as well as motivate each other to their fitness goals. You may also opt for nationwide strength training programs adopted in thousands of gyms across the nation, such as Silver Sneakers, EnhanceFitness, and Get-Fit.

4. Membership Cards and Discounts

Most gym centers for seniors offer discounted membership fees to try and get them to be more active. Some health centers even partner with AARP to offer discounted fitness classes for aging adults. Check if the local Plano fitness centers have special offers for senior members and enroll.

Regular exercise for senior adults is exceptionally vital in maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and emotional health. Finding the right senior-friendly gym in Plato, TX, is a step closer to achieving your fitness goals. Participate in an active lifestyle in your senior years by enrolling in Texas Family Fitness.

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