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Taking control of your fitness routine is one step toward a healthy life. Doctors point out that 40% of all chronic illnesses are preventable by adopting a healthier lifestyle. A health-focused exercise plan and a balanced diet may help you keep fit and reduce the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases.

A recent study found out that telling participants why they need to exercise does not motivate them. The research concluded that telling participants how to exercise had a more significant impact. People were more willing to start the fitness journey if they knew how it would fit into their busy schedules. Check out some tips to help you create a health-focused workout plan.

1. Determine Your Fitness Goals

The first step is to create clear, specific, and realistic targets for your workouts. You need to understand why you want to get in shape. Are you looking to lose weight, or do you want to be fit? Are you preparing for your first 10K? Determine your health goals and write them down. Personalized targets can shape how you plan to achieve them.

2. Figure Out How Much Time You Have for Exercise

It may feel easier to drop off the group fitness class at the local gym with the extra-busy schedule. Set out the time you require to achieve your health fitness goals. Do you wish to exercise for an hour a day? Or perhaps thirty-minute sessions twice a week? You also need to create realistic timelines to meet your targets.

3. Create Balanced Exercise Routines

Every fitness enthusiast should focus on building proper habits. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, through The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, recommends.

  • At least 150 hours of moderate aerobic workout every week or 75 hours of intense aerobic exercises
  • Two hours or more of strength training programs
  • Balance exercise for senior workout classes

Start slow and build on your routines moderately. Increase the reps and sets done per exercise as your stamina increases. You can break the workouts in smaller segments to make them more manageable.

4. Keep Injuries at Bay

Getting an injury at a fitness center can quickly get you out of shape. You may need to injury-proof your body to prevent you from derailing from the health fitness goals. Be extra careful as you lift the weights during your strength training classes. Most injuries occur due to strength imbalances. You can use core stability exercises to build your muscular endurance. Rest your body after intense workout sessions to allow your muscles to recover. Always stay hydrated and have enough sleep.

5. Journal Your Progress

You need to be self-disciplined if you are to achieve your fitness targets. One way to ensure that you remain on track is to monitor and document your progress. Find a journal, paper-bound or virtual, and write down your health goals. Retake the personal fitness assessment every month. Keeping records can also keep your motivation up.

Getting fit can fill you with excitement and pride as you tick off your fitness goals. You may need to create a health-focused exercise plan to see the dreams come to fruition. If you find it too complicated to do it alone, Texas Family Fitness can help you create one.

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