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Chances are that you’ve heard of eating gluten-free. Gluten-free diets are very trendy right now for a variety of reasons, including the idea that gluten is bad for you and the thought that gluten contributes to obesity. For many people, eating gluten-free is a matter of necessity due to an allergy or an illness like celiac disease.

Eating gluten free

Is a gluten-free diet actually better for you as the trend suggests? Will this diet help with weight loss?

Here’s what you need to know about gluten-free dieting.

What is Gluten-free Eating All About?

Eating gluten free 1Gluten is a substance naturally found in wheat and cereal grains. It is a mixture of two proteins that you consume it when you eat a variety of different foods. The foods with gluten tend to be heavy in carbohydrates. For example, gluten is usually found in:

  • Breads
  • Pancakes
  • Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Pastas
  • Sauces and Gravies
  • Cereals

The basic concept behind a gluten-free diet is to avoid foods like these that contain gluten.

How does Eating Gluten-free Affect Your Health?

If you don’t have celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten, then gluten isn’t harmful to you. It will not cause indigestion, an allergic reaction, or other health problems. But gluten isn’t necessarily good for you, either. Cutting gluten from your diet doesn’t seem to have any adverse side-effects. In fact, many people around the world naturally eat a gluten-free or low-gluten diet.

Will Eating Gluten-free Help You Lose Weight?

Eating gluten free 2Eating a gluten-free diet even though it is not a medical necessity for you may be able to help you lose weight. The reasons for this are simple:

  • Gluten-free diets reduce your carb intake, which can lower your calorie intake too
  • Gluten-free diets reduce your processed food intake
  • Eating less gluten can aid digestion
  • Many types of naturally-occurring gluten-free foods tend to be good for you

So, while eating gluten-free will not guarantee that you lose weight it may help with weight loss due to a decrease in overall caloric intake since gluten-free foods can be low calorie alternatives.

What is a Healthy Gluten-free Diet Like?

Just swapping out your usual diet for the same foods in gluten-free versions probably won’t help you cut back on your carb or calorie intake. If you want to eat a healthier diet by going gluten-free, you need to substitute gluten-rich foods with fruits, vegetables, and other healthier options.

Even if you eat healthier, going gluten-free isn’t enough to help you lose weight significantly. You’ll also need to exercise regularly to lose weight.

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