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basicliftsCardio is a great way to stay healthy, but does it have all of the benefits you need to stay healthy? Maybe you’re still battling stubborn fat around your middle. Do you feel like you’re muscular but you could be more muscular? Is adding strength to your physique something you aspire to do? Basic lifts are a great way to get in shape, stay in shape and gain the added benefit of strength to your workout.

Did you know that nearly 28.0% of U.S. residents, that’s almost 80.2 million people, that are aged six and above are not physically active? Being able to get in shape and stay within a healthy BMI takes strength training starting with basic lifts. Getting and staying healthy is where it’s at!

Start with a Barbell Class

While heavy is a process when it comes to getting fit. When you want to start doing basic lifts, begin with barbell classes that can get you off to a positive start. Join a fitness center to find, learn and adopt a happy lifting routine that will have you doing basic lifts and bringing you one step closer to a healthier you.

Literally Torch the Body Fat

Strength training will help you build more muscles and keep your body burning more fat during the day. Basic lifts are just the start when it comes to turning your body into a lean, fat-burning furnace that keeps your metabolism high so you burn more calories and fat. That’s exactly what muscle does for you. You will be increasing your lean body mass and giving your body exactly what it wants, the ability to perform at pique performance with healthy bones, tissues, and muscles.

Get the Exact Body You Desire

Obese and overweight adults, typically over the age of 60, can try a low-calorie diet along with weight training to achieve better weight-loss results. Even basic lifts show a greater loss of fat than a low-calorie diet and workouts that include walking. Weight training helped produce muscle mass, keep it and helped people lose more fat. Aerobic exercises burn both muscles and fat, strength training burns nearly exclusively fat.

Increase Your Weight Lifting Load to Grow Stronger

It’s actually obvious that increasing the weight load for strength training will help you grow stronger. However, there are more benefits to this than the obvious strength benefit, albeit a great one. Increasing weight loads is the key to increasing strength and can be accomplished by performing deadlifts, basic lifts, squats, and rows with increased weights. This will assist you in building up strength amazingly fast. Before you know it, you will be able to handle daily activities much easier while essentially becoming a powerhouse that’s unstoppable.

Strength Training Can Stop Injuries

Do you start exercising with sore knees and hips that ache? The art of lifting weights can stop your body from hurting by helping you maintain and keep better form. Weight training helps to build muscles, burn fat and increase the strength of your joint integrity. It is always advisable to start a program or classes for strength-building at a gym or fitness center that offers a variety of classes led by caring and knowledgeable trainers.

Start Lifting Weights, Your Bones Will Thank You

Proper strength training is an ideal way to strengthen bones for everyone, including senior citizens who may already be experiencing bone density problems. Weight training does more than just train muscles, it also trains bones. Every curl actually tugs on the bones in your arm. The cells in bones respond by creating more bone cells. This is what will make bones denser and stronger. When it comes to strengthening bones, consistency is the key. When you keep lifting weights, bone mass is maintained while allowing building new bone too.

Put Your Heart Health First

It is never too late to start boosting your heart health. Take on strength training to improve your heart and lower blood pressure by 20% with just 45 minutes of resistance exercises at a moderate intensity. The benefits are spectacular.

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