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Staying physically active and healthy is an important responsibility each of us have. It doesn't matter what your motivation is to stay in shape. It could be the ability to play and have fun with grand kids, or perhaps it is to build your self-confidence. Maybe you are getting in shape as part of a work contest. Regardless, there are hundreds of health benefits for staying in shape. That much is obvious.

For those that are new to fitness center life, there are probably some lingering questions though. Around 80% of people don't keep their New Years resolutions in regards to exercise and health. While some might say it is because they are lazy, we have a different idea. As one of the most liked fitness centers Allen TX counts on, we think that many people don't keep their New Years fitness goals because they don't have a plan in place.

Setting goals is a great habit to get into. However, a goal without a plan tends to fall off. If you have been to a fitness center as a beginner, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. From group fitness classes, barbell classes, free weights, machines, treadmills, and a bunch of people walking around who look like they know what to do, it can be a bit stressful. To help you, we compiled a list of tips for fitness center beginners.

Turn Fitness Into a Habit: Remember how we mentioned that goals are great, and plans are better? Well having a fitness plan is the first step to creating a fitness habit and lifestyle. Our brains work in funny ways. We often only have so much decision making power before we are done for the day. The more frequent and more important the decisions you need to make are, the more fatigued your brain gets. When you are beginning a new workout or fitness plan, it is easy to go on the days where you feel highly motivated. It's the unmotivated days that matter though. To make the decision to get to the gym easier, rather than worrying about "what am I going to lift today?" or "how far can I run on the treadmill?" just think, "I will put on my shoes and drive to the gym." This is a much easier decision to make than trying to decide exactly what your workout routine will be.

Additionally, having a specific plan for each day at the fitness center can make it much easier to attend on low motivation days. If you already know that every Wednesday you will walk or run one mile, well that's easy then. You don't need to decide anymore because you already made the decision. Or if Monday is always leg day for weights then great! Once you wake up Monday morning put your shoes on and head to the gym. It's go time.

Controlled, Posture Perfect Movement: When you are just starting to incorporate weight lifting into your routine, it is hard to know exactly what to do. Start out slow. Give yourself time to get used to the weights. Keep the motions controlled and keep perfect for throughout the entire workout. As you do this, you will train muscle memory that will keep you injury free throughout your fitness lifestyle. People who are experienced in any discipline already know the nuances that go with when to move fast and explosive or slow and controlled. As a beginner, don't worry about this. Simply stay in control of the weight, focus on form, and build up strength over time.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes: Make other lifestyle changes too as you start exercising. What you eat and what you do (exercise) go hand in hand. If you are in the gym 5 days a week and not getting results, it is probably because you aren't paying attention to what you eat. I am not necessarily talking about going on a diet either. Diets are typically faddish events that come and go. What you need is a lifestyle change. Focus on eating healthy foods. This typically means mostly plant-based, with sparingly incorporating high-quality meats, and not overeating.

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