Whether you realize it or not, fitness is a family affair. Your loved ones are affected by your health- and vice versa. If you're a parent, your child’s future health is affected by your health and example of taking care of yourself too. That's why making family fitness activities part of your life is so important. Fortunately, it can be a lot of fun too!

Use these ideas to get your kids involved in fitness with you.

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Family Fitness Ideas

Idea #1: Make Exercise Fun

Adding "exercise" to the chore list is a sure way to discourage your whole family from fitness activities. Instead of being boring, fitness should be fun. Think of the other ways your family likes to have together. Do you all like to spend time outside doing your own thing? Are you music lovers? Are board games your way of bonding?

Just like you might set aside time for these ways of having fun, do the same for fitness. Build walks, hikes, biking, or other workouts into your weekend outdoor time, for example. Challenge each other to dance-offs whenever your favorite songs play. Try playing volleyball together instead of monopoly one Friday night.

Idea #2: Get in the Habit of Getting Active Together

family fitness 1Forming fit habits is part of ensuring your whole family naturally gravitates toward healthy lifestyles.

Try forming habits by:

  • Taking on a challenge together
  • Setting a realistic family goal
  • Sharing data from fitness trackers
  • Choosing activities you’ll all commit to- like stretching during commercial breaks

Idea #3: Try New Things as a Family

Exercise is diverse, just like your family member’s personalities and preferences are. Try new things so each of your loved ones’ can find something they enjoy for exercise. Even if you can’t all agree on one form of workout, everyone can take turns doing your favorite together. Variety keeps fitness fresh.

Idea #4: Find a Gym-Home Away From Home

Spending time in fitness-friendly environments will help your family have natural conversations about healthy habits, exercising, etc. Finding a gym home-away-from-home ensures you and your family feel comfortable at the gym and that fitness is part of your regular routine as a family.

Find Your Gym-Home

One of the great features of our gyms are our kids clubs. You can bring the kids while you come workout so they have something to do and become familiar with a fitness-focused atmosphere too. If you have older family members, try joining a fitness class together!

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