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Yoga rebels wanted! Get stronger each class with PiYo’s rhythmic, dynamic, total-body workout! Follow a constant flow of moves that combine the core-strengthening benefits of Pilates with the flexibility advantages of yoga. We turn up the empowering tunes to help you get the most out of your workout.

PiYo workout speeds everything up—including your results. Fast-paced cardio yoga-flows with variable paces will sculpt your entire body. If yoga isn't your favorite class, then this heart-pumping alternative is for you.

Fans love this calorie-chewing, low-impact class that will help you create the defined, lean body you want. Build your stability and strength with the muscle-toning moves. This is the class to transform your whole body, mind, and soul!

PiYo will help you:

  • Kick-start your metabolism
  • Help with muscle definition without weights
  • Lengthen and strengthen your body
  • Stabilize your weight and burn calories
  • Improve your agility and flexibility

Embrace the energy. Our
PiYo class mantra is “power”!

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Exercise with qualified instructors who care about your health!

 Get inspired by one of our many group fitness classes. We offer energizing cardio, dance, pilates, yoga, seniors, and strength training classes for all types of fitness levels and goals. Check out the class schedule for your preferred club.

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Great fitness experience, great results, and the best overall value in Texas.
Great fitness experience, great results, and the best overall value in Texas.
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